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Emerge by Journey to Hope Cincinnati


Professional Presentation

WHat is emerge?

We deliver holistic coaching to small and mid-sized organizations to drive engagement and culture shifts to help enhance employee wellness.

Our corps of coaches are subject-matter experts in the programs that they facilitate. They include nurse executives, therapists, medical doctors, certified coaches, and others with credentials within their scope of practice. 

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOUr organization?

EMERGE by Journey to Hope shows people their own potential to emerge with a new perspective. Some coaching we've provided to organizations include the below coaching sessions. We're also happy to speak with you about your organization's needs and build a custom program. 

Discover Your Strengths Emerge by Journey to Hope.


This program is best delivered as a 3-4 hour workshop that covers both individual and team strength interactive exercises with corporate coaching. It is a great team-building experience that helps each member understand each others' greatest contribution to the team and where each needs to rely on the others. We'll use the Clifton Strengthsfiner 2.0 Assessment for this workshop.

Well-Being EMERGE by Journey to Hope


This class is based on the work of Susan David and Christian Moore. Whether you are trying to restore your equilibrium or just trying to shore up your flagging good habits, this group will give you new insights into how the pandemic has impacted you emotionally and practical tips for finding a better path for yourself. This is a highly interactive workshop. 

Burnout in Workplace Cincinnati


What's creating YOUR sense of Burnout? Ever feel overwhelmed and exhausted by everything you need to do and yet still worry you're not doing enough? 

Join us to figure out what employee wellness can look like in your actual/real-life and organization, confront the barriers that stand between you and your own well-being, put those barriers in context, and map out paths around, over, or through them - and succeed!

Need a more customized solution?

Looking for something different? 
Are there specific challenges you'd like to address?
Would you like to learn more about custom coaching?

"I am thrilled to see the feedback that you received and fully resonate with the responses myself. I am definitely an advocate of the program and even more of an advocate of [Diane] as a facilitator."

Chief Human Resources Officer

Non-Profit Organization

"Such a great experience. Went into the course skeptical and hesitant about opening up in front of colleagues. Was really captivating and piqued my interest in all the best ways possible."

Session Participant

Non-Profit Organization

"I really enjoyed Rising Strong, I admit I was a little apprehensive of this class. Once I felt comfortable with my co-workers in the room, I was able to really dig deep within myself"

Session Participant

Non-Profit Organization

Let's Take Your ORGANIZATION to the Next Level

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